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Start a New Era of Microscopic Fluid Images

FlowVIEW is a rapidly growing company based in Industry Technology Research Institute(ITRI), the largest R&D organization in Taiwan. We are committed to solving all problems in the industry relating to nanoscale materials.

We provide total solutions including testing high-resolution liquid samples in Nano biotech, semiconductor, and energy industries. We also expand our technique to the application of innovative detection.

What We DO


* Electrode Slurry
* Solar Cell Aluminum Paste


* Wet Processing
* Nanomaterials
* CMP Slurry (Chemical Mechanical Polishing Slurry)

Medical & Biological Technology

* Pathogens & Microorganisms
* Cells & Viruses

Examination & Verification

* ISO13014
* EU/US ISO13014-Nanotechnologies
* EU/US Certification

What we MAKE

High-resolution Images- Microscopic Fluid Chip System

Nanoscale Visualization Stages

Solution to the incapability of inspecting liquid samples in a vacuum environment

Control System of Dynamic Functions offline (CLIIS)

Able to combine with e-beam machines in order to conduct liquid sample inspections.

Microfludic Chips

The multifunctional surface treatment can be applied to various samples.

Control System of Dynamic Functions Inline (CLIIS Inline)

By conducting defect diagnosis through data analysis, we can intellectually image liquid samples via high resolution inline inspection.