The technology of FlowVIEW Tek detects images down to 7nm


Annual savings are up to 72%


It takes less than 30 seconds to sealing package sample holder


Over 100,000 pieces of data can be analyzed per min


Particle Counter

Particle Counter

  • Wet Cleaning Process(DI Water)
  • Wet Etching Process
  • CMP(Slurry)


AI Particle Imager

AI Particle Imager

  • Nanomedicine development
  • Roundness measurement (roundness standard is as precise as 0.05)
  • Water contamination detection


In-situ SEM

In-situ SEM

  • Instantaneous data such as size and shape distribution, aggregation
  • The highest resolution down to 7nm and the ultra high amplification (160000 times) of the industry.


In-situ electrochemistry

In-situ electrochemistry

  • In situ observation, not only the morphology but also the behaviour
  • High resolution inspection of dendrite growth


Exclusive technology

FlowVIEW Tek owns over 30 patents including USA, Japan, Taiwan and China.

Crucial techniques

Breaks present-day technical limitations so that the inspection of nano-scale wet materials is not subject to the limits of hardware equipment.

Project Service

Depends on customers requires , proposing valid programs.

The leading brand

More than hundred customers import FlowVIEW’s solutions


2014 ITRI Patent map contest Champion
2014 ITRI Outstanding research award
2014 Participate in RD100 on behalf of the Industrial Technology Research Institute
2017 Tech Plan Grand Prix Champion
2017 Taiwan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
2017 Taiwan Innovation & Technology Arena
2017 Young Enterprise Initiative in France
2018 Dongguan Technology Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition Champion
2018 Innovative Smart Applications award
2018 AIoT SME Business Opportunity Creation Exhibition

2018 Asia-America Silicon Valley Startup Exchange Group
2018 Audi Innovation
2019 Computex d&i award
2019 TACC+ Propel team
2019 Skydeck Berkeley
2019 Audi Innovation
2020 Pan Wenyuan Young Outstanding Entrepreneurship Research Award
2020 Outstanding Manager of Hsinchu District
2020 NDF & Sumitomo Representative investment