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Breakthroughs and Innovations In Liquid Detection

Providing high-resolution image detection services and equipment for the semiconductor industry, electronics industry, and biomedical industry to improve production yield and reduce production costs. Currently, due to the detection bottleneck of 30nm on the market, products often suffer contamination caused by incomplete detection. The technology of FlowVIEW Tek detects images down to 7nm and improves production yield rate.

Flow AOI

The three main core technologies of FlowVIEW are In-situ Microscopy, Liquid Automation and AI Image Processing. We have developed total solutions that are suitable for observing nano-scale semiconductor slurries, biological drugs and even batteries. With these, more in-depth and cost effective research could be motivated.

Over 100 Customers in 13 countries

FlowVIEW Tek has its products sold in Asia, Europe and United States. We pride ourselves on our technological service, which is valued by world famous enterprises such as University of Oxford, Los Alamos, National Taiwan University. We are looking forward to making contribution to your Company’s success as well.

Cultivate deeply into the global markets

The FlowVIEW product technology uses Taiwan as the verification base to identify the pain points and the benefits brought by the solutions before promoting them to Europe, America and Japan niche markets. We will expand product lines and sales channels to make more sales efforts as well as commercial profits.

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Expert of Liquid Inspection


Foresee the Future of Fluid through FlowVIEW