Product Feature

  • Directly integrate to the machine on assembly lines
  • Automatically analyze the multi-channel 24-7
  • Real-time return valid data
  • In-line monitor micro-/nano-particle counts
  • Effectively monitor water quality and treatment tank
  • Enhance the efficiency of the cleaning process


Product Defect Calculation

Provide alarm upon detecting micro-/nano-particle contamination. Filter elements could be replaced beforehand to maintain high-quality products if particle counts exceed the standard level.

Performance Optimization

Cross-refer the size, lifespan, and maintenance intervals of filter elements; monitor the contamination levels in the manufacturing process, and offer optimized recommendations.

Ensure Water Quality Standards

Ensure the cleanliness of the manufacturing equipment meets specifications and clients’ demands.


Measuring Range 0.1μm ~100μm
Tolerance in Measurement 5% Coincidence Error
Calibration JIS-B9925
Communication mode RS485/Modbus, 4~20 mA
Materials of Outer Box/Tube/Sampling Interface Stainless Steel;PP/ PFA/ Quartz
LED Signals Power/Error/System Auto/ Problem Detected
Sampling Temperature/Pressure 0-70 °C / 150 PSI
Size / Weight 65(L) x 50(W) x 125(H) CM / 90KG

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