Flowview Venus

Observe the Electrization and Electron Transfer on Material Interface

Electrical flow cell


1. Multi-functional

Simultaneously perform fluid transmission, temperature control, and electric current control to satisfy users’ needs during complex experiments.

2. Flexible

Users can place any battery pole piece onto our well-designed holder to conduct inspection experiment.

3. Simple

We have designed the most complex electrode, circuit, and pin in the inner part of our holder. Users only need to place the to-be-observed sample and liquid inside the holder, and it will be completed within five minutes.

  • Venus is a quick assembly version of electrode testing.
  • We provide electrical charging/ discharging as well as micro-environment control for liquid samples.
  • Venus is conducted with MFC system via correlative data from electron optical platform (electron microscope).
  • The electrical charging/discharging can also be transmitted to the control system and inside the microfluidics via pogo pin design.
  • Applications in testing the quality of coating material used in the electronic industry include the electro-conductive paste (silver/aluminum paste) of solar batteries.
  • Venus revolutionizes the R&D of the manufacturers and users of the electro-conductive paste. As well as the outgoing, incoming and in-process quality control of the paste.