In-situ precision temperature control during liquid phase

Temperature flow cell

1. Precision
Temperature stability is achieved with a precise and stable temperature control within ± 0.02 ℃.

2. Two-way Temperature Control
0 Capable of simultaneously raising or lowering the temperature between 10 to 100 ℃, it is allowed to customize temperature control as well.

3. High Compatibility
High compatibility with various models ( FEI   JEOL  Hitachi ZEISS Phenom TSCAN TEMIC … )

  • The heat exchange fluid can be circulated in one of the flow channels, thereby accomplishing the functions of temperature control and fluid properties monitoring, and allowing nano-scale in-situ testing of the samples under their original activity.
  • Multi-step temperature design: allow adjusting time and temperature. Equipped with abnormal temperature warning signal, and auto control allows to reset to default temperature.
  • The minimized double channel circular temperature control module comes with thermoelectric temperature control components. In the operating range(10 to 90 ℃) of the buffer, the temperature stability can be controlled within ± 0.02 ℃.