2018 SME Business Creation Exhibition and Networking Session

December 26, 2018

2018 SME Business Creation Exhibition and Networking Session

To help companies find cross-industry partners to take the global AIoT market with hard and soft skills, the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs will hold the 2018 SME Business Creation Exhibition and Networking Session on July 10 to showcase 16 AIoT products and services created by high-profile, local Taiwanese companies. We have also invited three experts to give special talks on trend development, technology evolution, diverse applications, and market layout to provide comprehensive information through current AIoT developments. Ming-Ji Wu, Director General, will personally host the event and experience the various AIoT applications and products together with the guests, which will help to spark the interests of experts and business representatives in attendance. Many companies have indicated that they will participate in the exchange to form partnerships and use their expertise to develop the international market.

According to estimates by international research institutions, the total global value of artificial intelligence (AI) will reach US$1.2 trillion in 2018 and will exceed US$3.9 trillion US dollars in 2022. These figures show that the AI market is large enough to change the way humans live in a short amount of time. AI will also drive the transformation of global industries. The maturity of the future 5G technology will also accelerate the integration and evolution of AI and IoT. Smart homes, wearable devices, smart transportation, unmanned economies, smart manufacturing, and smart medical fields will become popular markets, proclaiming the official arrival of AIoT.

Image and source identification, sensors, big data, actuators, and communication technologies are all elements of the development of AI. The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs points out that in addition to the great achievements of local Taiwanese companies in advanced technology, machinery and parts manufacturing, their flexible performance in design, system integration, marketing, and ICT technology also have excellent advantages in the global AIoT market.

Able to provide companies with creative solutions for customized image recognition, help media and retailers to realize the value of image assets, convert visual elements such as faces, objects, scenes, emotions, and abstract concepts into audio and video data, AIoT can serve the media, advertising, smart retail, e-commerce platforms, and smart manufacturing. Applications such as product search via image recognition and online self-checkout can optimize the consumer experience and stimulate consumption.

AI virtual security systems created by Umbo CV uses the deep learning function of image discriminating systems to identify any abnormalities in the images and sends notifications remotely when something abnormal occurs, like an outstanding AI security guard that never needs time off. Arklab combines various optical and monitoring instruments through sophisticated positioning systems and networking technology to not only allow the AI cloud service to be operational with the drone, but also enriches the diversity of security and environmental monitoring. Both LinkCom, which focuses on wireless Bluetooth intelligent lighting control technology solutions, and Giant Lighting Solution offers technical solutions for lighting design and scenario simulation from a human factor engineering perspective. AiQ Smart Clothing uses stainless steel fiber to develop smart clothes; fitted with sensors and textile electrodes, these clothes collect and monitor data generated by the various parts of the human body, and can be widely used in sports, health checks, and medical fields. Chylyng also saw an opportunity in wearable technology, for which it created smart bracelets that connect to the regional positioning system, targeting mining, nuclear power plants and other work areas that need to monitor the location and safety of personnel; the bracelets can be used in the interactive learning and assistive education markets. Chylyng already has several partnerships in these markets. Full Enterprise proposed a system integration platform and products for home security monitoring specifically for the elderly by combining AI technologies.

Companies that target AIoT applications and solutions include WASAI Technology, FlowVIEW Tek, Blessy, and Bao Yi Technology; companies that offer AIoT integrated platforms and module systems include ATBS Technology and Fenri Water Resource; companies that offer AIoT technology integration and manufacturing include Nestech and e-Excellence. All these companies are capable of advanced technology and integrated solutions; discussions and exchange will be quite engaging.

The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs organizes a number of cross-border and cross-regional business matchmaking activities in response to industry trends and also provides a platform for media mergers and exposure to help SMEs successfully find strategic partners. Companies seeking partnerships in technology, marketing, and capital investment can visit the business opportunity and matchmaking service websitehttp://www.technomart.org.tw.
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