( Electric Car, Mobile, Lap top)

Provide various parameters of intelligent monitoring

In-situ observation of coating material for positive and negative electrodes

  • Dispersion/Aggregation
  • Shape
  • Particle size/Particle size distribution

  • Composition
  • Specific surface area

  • Polymer material analysis

What FlowVIEW can Do during LIB Manufacturing Process

Paste Note
(Solar cell, High-precision electronic package…)

Innovative high-resolution inspection in any paste

Advanced Process( R&D, Trial Production)

In-situ observation of the original liquid statuses of various conductive silver/Aluminum Paste. (Size Distribution、Shape、Surface Area、Aggregation、Dispersibility、Composition)

Detailed information & Benefit

  • Provide Quantitative data to Improve battery and module conversion efficiency

  • Lower R&D and Labor Cost

  • Provide Broader R&D Selection of Materials (Minimum observing scale 10nm)

Mass Production Process

Provide the automated sampling quantitative data of conductive silver/aluminum Paste
(Dispersibility, specific surface area, density, composition, particle size and shape distribution).

Detailed information & Benefit

  • Provide users with in-situ sample distribution status in the storage tank. In the occurrences of abnormality, notifications will be made for eliminating the situation( e.g. Slurry aggregation oversized)

  • Data automation allows managers to avoid human errors and prevent battery failure rate from increasing.

Material Image

Copper paste

Using images acquired to automatically obtain information of size and distribution of particle samples via particle analysis software.

Composition analysis: in the same image, distinguish between Ag and Cu particles and other element identification.